Where is the largest Korean town in Saigon

Nearly 11,000 Koreans live in District 7 with the total Korean population in Saigon approximately 90,000 – according to the HCMC Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association. Nowadays, District 7 has become the largest Korean town in Saigon with the highest population density in Phu My Hung

A special thing everyone might don’t know that while the property investors are from Taiwan, District 7 is developing as a Korean community. It’s not the type of expats iterating between countries every few years, the Korean in Phu My Hung are venture builders and many consider Vietnam as their second home, get ahead in life here.

In the past, the first Saigon Korea town began forming in Tan Binh District around 1994, near Tan Son Nhat airport. That time, Super Bowl, Tan Son Hoa, and many Korea restaurants lined on Pham Van Hai & Hau Giang streets used to be very famous to Korean expats. However, as a development trend, more and more Korean have moved to Phu My Hung in District 7 in recent years.

Korean shops on Hau Giang Street (Tan Binh District) are getting outdated

What makes Phu My Hung so attractive to live?

Formerly, this area used to be a swamp in the suburban Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks to the Nguyen Van Linh boulevard project, which shortened distances from District 7 to the city center, opening opportunities strong development today. Many apartment complexes with modern and convenient designs have been emerging year by year to meet increasing demand. The fellow Korean now easy to rent a prime apartment (60 – 100 sqm) with a budget from 300$ – 500$ or buy a house by themself with loose housing policy of Vietnam government for foreigners.

In a smart urban plan, Phu My Hung residents can easily access Korean restaurants, K-supermarket, grocery stores, beauty salons, traditional medicine clinics around their house, just step down the elevator. For shopping and leisure with their family, there are many choices here such as Crescent mall, SC Vivo City Shopping mall, 3D Artinus museum, Lawrensting Park…just a 10-minute drive.

Sunrise City Complex in District 7
The light of Sunrise City Complex on Nguyen Thi Thap street lit up the midtown

The Korean community in Ho Chi Minh City has been established and developed for a long time. Many of them have built successful careers in various industries in Ho Chi Minh city. One of the oldest businesses of Koreans is Vegas club casino, located in Caravelle Saigon. After 16-year growth, this casino has become a famous entertainment for not only Korean expats but also international travelers, created hundreds of jobs for local labor. If you interested in it and would like to find more information, visit here: Review Vegas Club at Caravelle Hotel

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