Lovely messages bring positive energy to Saigoneses

Coronavirus can be the worst recently, but it certainly can’t stop the spread of good things. No matter how hard the battle is, love always finds the way to bloom.

Optimism from silent soldiers

With aim of coping with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many quarantine camps have been setup. And to follow the situation, hundreds of soldiers and volunteers (most of them are university students) have been joining hands in supporting community

Rice ATMs – Creative light in the dark of crisis.

The bad times began putting thousands out of work, but by the kindness of an electronic locks engineer in Saigon, rice auto dispenser, also called rice ATM, was created. More and more donors are supporting install self-catering rice machines to help dozens of low-income families affected by Coronavirus pandemic because to them rice is more useful than cash

Words of love
Soundlessly, some organizations chose another way to encourage people to keep fighting even the worse condition comes: light up properties to form meaningful messages on the building’s façade.

When the dark of sky covers the city gradually, the light of the rooms from Caravelle hotel Saigon lit up the word “WE.” Its mean that “WE” still stand tall, stand strong throughout any challenges
Landmark 81, on Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District with the message Lighting the heart – Spreading love and Preventing COVID-19 together

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