How casinos response to #COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19, a global unprecedented pandemic, has been causing disruptions not only in our normal lives but also in casino industry.

Many announcements of temporary closure have been made in hope of a positive impact on the health of all citizens. In Vietnam, several casino operators have confirmed a 15-day shutdown starting from Wednesday (April 1). The country’s government ordered also – with effect from that day – so-called ‘social distancing’ measures and shuttering of non-essential businesses, in an effort to limit the spread of a novel coronavirus, and its associated illness, Covid-19. Some casinos around the world, after closely monitor the issue, has made decision to extend the temporary suspension. Macau casinos are now reopening after an order to suspense operation for 15 days in February.

Whether reopening or temporary closing, most of casinos have seriously implemented the preemptive hygiene management and safety measures in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

At Vegas club (located in Caravelle hotel Saigon), a thermal camera is installed at the entrance desk. All guests are requested to cooperate process of disinfecting hands, screening temperature, and checking visit days before entering. Masks and hand sanitizers are provided. Regular disinfection is performed in facilities and recommendation to remain a social distance is announced.

In Macau casinos, requirements already imposed before the casino closure will remain in place after the re-opening. Guidelines regarding safety instruction given by Macau’s casino regulator, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau take effect through the city’s operators.

Accordingly, any gaming area inside a casino cannot have more than half of its existing gaming tables in operation, and such tables should have a minimum distance between them. Patrons are not allowed to place bets while standing by a gaming table. The number of available seats at each gaming table has also been limited, and there should be an empty seat between each of the patrons. For instance, only three to four guests are permitted to sit at what would ordinarily be a seven-seat gaming table.



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