Top 6 Best Service Hotels in Saigon According to TripAdvisor Users

Saigon, despite not having many historical sites or scenic landscapes, stands out as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, particularly among international visitors. Here are the top 6 best-service hotels in Saigon, according to users on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site:

1. Caravelle Saigon (3,048 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “Very charming and beautiful hotel at the heart of Saigon. We always had a great experience staying at Caravelle Saigon. Last time, an upgrade to a suite room is really amazing and so nice. The hotel is located at the heart of Saigon. Beautifully designed, charming, and luxurious ambiance make the hotel the most valued money places to stay in Saigon. Definitely recommend.” – Rachel.

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2. Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel (2,323 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “Liberty Central Saigon Riverside has a nice location, very convenient for moving around. I set up a conference room here for 5-6 times, and every time I’m happy! Especially, the staff is very professional and enthusiastic! During the party receptions, I worked directly with Mr. Le Mai Huy Hoang and felt that he was very friendly, professional, and responsible. If the rating is 6 stars, I will evaluate the hotel and Mr. Hoang personally.” – langtran94.

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3. Alagon Central Hotel & Spa (1,045 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “I used to stay at Nikko hotel, but the location is quite far from the city center. Luckily, because of the wrong booking date, I just stayed there for 1 day. Accidentally discovered right in the city center there is an ok place like this hotel. The staff are very enthusiastic, room rates, and service quality are very ok! When checking out, I met a receptionist named Joe, who was very enthusiastic and cute, always greeted me, asking me to feel like I was at home, not at the hotel! Overall, the hotel is very ok, next time book this hotel to make traveling easier! Good!” – Tour829111.

4. Hotel Nikko Saigon (4,080 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “I like the service and the staff here. Very polite. Sweet pastries and seafood buffet on the 2nd floor is quite cheap, only 1.400.000 VNĐ each person. My most favorite thing is the room with a city view bathtub. In general, I will still come back here for a vacation.” – dungduong240494.

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5. Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel (2,416 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “I got a job in Saigon and stayed here, asked my friend Mr.Nang to introduce a nice hotel, my friend was enthusiastic to introduce this one with friendly staff, the room was clean, beautiful furniture, fresh flowers, and fruits in the room, the service is too ok, generally very good. It will be a hotel to go whenever I travel to Saigon.” – Wander63906581076.

6. The Reverie Saigon (1,204 reviews)

  • User Review Highlight: “I had a great experience staying at the Reverie hotel when I visited Ho Chi Minh city. The hotel is meticulously beautiful in every detail, great service, friendly staff, professional service. This deserves to be the most beautiful hotel in Vietnam.” – nguyenkhanhhuyen9299.

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These user reviews highlight the exceptional service, amenities, and overall experiences offered by these hotels, making them highly recommended choices for visitors to Saigon.

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