Best Vietnam foods that you must try!

Saigon is an attractive destination with many wonderful food stalls, many have come here to enjoy the delicious tastes.

1. Com Tam Ba Ghien

Com tam -The Grand Slam of All Vietnamese Food

It was called “The Grand Slam of All Vietnamese Food” by Mark Wiens, Com Tam is one of the biggest and most delicious meals of Saigon.
“Com Tam” is normally a grilled pork chop over the top of a bed of broken rice. It’s one of the most common meals throughout Ho Chi Minh city, due to its affordable price and filling ability.
But it was a beautiful piece of artwork at Ba Ghien, with shredded pork skin, Vietnamese meatloaf, pork chop marinated with soy sauce and sugar, sunny side up egg, greasy green onion, pickles, and last but not least, sweet fish sauce.
The pork was juicy and flavorful, the meatloaf had a marvelous oily black pepper taste, combine with the wonderful texture of broken rice … it’s just perfect.
Address: 84 Dang Van Ngu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
Open hours: 6 AM – 10 PM.
Price: 40.000 to 65.000 VNĐ.

2. Nineteen Buffet

Named after the long-standing address of Caravelle at 19 Lam Son Square and led by Executive Chef Darren Watson, Nineteen Buffet provides a wide variety of fresh seafood, delivered every morning from the long coastline of Vietnam.
Top-range imported meats, served in live carving stations with a thoughtful selection of Asian and Western dishes, a variety of enticing entrances from soup to sushi, and an entirely dessert spread.
It’s worth every penny.
Address: 19 – 23 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Opening hours: 6 AM to 11 PM.
Price: 399.000 VNĐ++.

3. Banh Xeo

Bánh xèo (Ảnh ST)

“Bánh xèo” literally means “sizzling pancake”, the name came from its loud sizzling sound when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet. The outside layer is made of rice flour, water, and turmeric powder.
It is usually stuffed with pork, shrimp, diced green onion, mung bean, and bean sprouts. Banh xeo is always served with lettuce, mint, Thai basil, fish mint … and a delicious cup of sweet fish sauce.
46A Dinh Cong Trang is the ideal place for a delicious dish of banh xeo. This shop is famous for the mixed-egg pancake, with tons of compliments from the customers.
Address: 46A Đinh Cong Trang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.
Opening hours: 10 AM to 2PM, 4PM to 9PM.
Price: 50.000 VNĐ – 100.000 VNĐ.

4. Banh Mi Hoa Ma

banh mi vietnam

If you want to enjoy the delicious food that captivates every tourist coming to Saigon, Banh Mi Hoa Ma is one of the most famous places.
The shops lined up along the alley at one corner with eating tables and chairs. You’re eating along a small lane where motorcycles and cars make their way past to make things interesting.
The breakfast is made of simple French toast, fried eggs, ham, butter, bacon … but it is insanely delicious.
Authentic, good, and very inexpensive. 90% of the customers are locals and its on any alleyway you should explore as well.
Address: 53 Cao Thang, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.
Opening hours: 7 AM – 10 AM.
Price: 50.000 VNĐ – 60.000 VNĐ.

5. Bo Kho Ut Nhung

Bo kho banh mi Vietnam

Beef stew is the main ingredient in a favorite dish in Vietnamese known as “Bo Kho”.
There were two main ways to order Bo Kho, a bowl of beef stew served with noodles on the bottom, or a bowl of beef stew served plain to eat with bread on the side.
The Bo Kho was bright red in color, included a pretty simple combination of big sized nuggets of slow, tender stewed beef, carrots, and whole shallots. The beef was nicely tender, the carrots were naturally sweet, and the shallots will melt in your mouth and busted with all the juicy flavors from the soupy stew.
After it was dished out, a handful of green onions, cilantro, sliced white onions, and a dash of pepper, were all garnished on top.
Address: 109/7 Nguyen Thien Thuat, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.
Opening hours: 2 PM – 11 PM.
Price: 35.000 VNĐ.


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