Ranking the top 4 night clubs in Saigon

There are hundreds of “Night club” definitions, but the nature of night club is entertainment, to have fun by yourself or with a friend. For a dynamic area such as Saigon, night clubs have long been a part of urban life, especially at night time.

Night clubs can be divided into many categories, high-class or local, dancer included or not, … let’s look at the most popular and best night clubs in Saigon below.

Caravelle Saigon Saigon down view in the light of night time

1. Saigon Saigon Bar – Caravelle Saigon Hotel

For many decades, Saigon Saigon Bar at Caravelle Saigon continues as one of the best viewpoints bars of the city. This rooftop bar has entertained guests and locals since it opened back in 1959 and gained iconic status during the 1960’s as the gathering place for international war correspondents and diplomats.

Sai Gon Sai Gon bar

The Saigon Saigon Bar, extensively renovated in the late 1990s, features an outdoor terrace wrapped around a spacious lounge and bar, offering a stylish yet casual atmosphere with live music from the resident band.

A lunch menu of international comfort dishes – including salads, sandwiches, and the Saigon Saigon burgers – is served throughout the day. Refreshments at the bar included many cocktails, showcasing both well-executed classics and modern creations.

2. Carmen Bar – 8 Ly Tu Trong, District 1

Image result for Carmen Bar

For a long time, Carmen has been known as a bar specializing in lively Latin music, with interesting foreign singers performing on the stage.

Carmen is not like other bars where the whole atmosphere is encapsulated in an indoor space, this bar also extends to the outside garden.

Not only became interesting because of the space, the drinks and the individual are also contributed to this wonderful bar.

3. Fuse Bar – 138 Le Lai, District 1

Peple gather to enjoy music in Fuse Bar club

Fuse Bar is everything you need at a nightclub: modern Décor, great sound quality and a gathering place for many famous DJs.

Every time the big screen syncs with the DJ’s song, the whole bar’s atmosphere is bursting with dancing, swaying … everyone is immersed with the music, entirely separated with the outside to live in their own passionate world.

If you are planning to go to Fuse, let’s come on Thursday, this is the day when the club has many promotions and gifts.

4. Barocco Bar – 264 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3

Located on the main Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street with modern cubic architecture, Barocco Bar always stands out when people are driving by.

Luxurious space, each equipment is carefully cared for, sound quality is amazing, the all the servers are well-dressed with professional acts.

There are many tables that are far away from the sound system, suitable for those who still want to chat with their friends.


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